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To increase your confidence in Amelia, you can check our Twitter.
We post every day between 1 and 3 random tickers that we recommend, and their result at the end of the day.

Our service only sells information about daily investments.
We will tell you when to enter the market, but you will have to trade with an external broker. We recommend Interactive Brokers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Amelia works?

Amelia tells you where to invest 45 minutes after the market opens.
Just enter when our AI tells you to, and sell when you reach yourdaily target.

How can AI enhance my investment strategies?

Artificial intelligence and machine learning offer a wide range of benefits when it comes to improving investment outcomes. One area of significant advancement is in optimizing institutional investor portfolios. AI can be applied in various ways, such as dynamic stock screening, implementing machine learning overlays, creating targeted investment baskets, incorporating alternative data, and much more. If you’re interested in exploring these possibilities further, feel free to chat with us here!

How can I terminate/cancel my subscription?

To cancel your subscription, you have two options. Firstly, you can go to the Subscriptions & Billing section in the user menu and click on the ‘Manage’ button. Alternatively, you can send an email to Once your subscription is canceled, it will not automatically renew after the current billing cycle ends.

If you cancel a Trader subscription, you will retain access to the paid subscription features until the end of the billing period. Afterward, your account will be converted into a Free plan.

Can I modify my plan?

Absolutely! If you wish to upgrade your plan, you can do so by clicking on the Upgrade button located in the main header’s menu, right next to your user icon. Alternatively, you can also upgrade your plan from the Subscription & Billing section in the user menu.

Is my plan set to renew automatically at the conclusion of the billing cycle?

Yes, plans will automatically renew at the end of both the monthly and yearly billing cycles. However, you have the option to cancel your plan at any time before the end of the billing cycle. Once canceled, your plan will not renew automatically anymore.

If you decide to cancel, you will still have access to the features of your paid plan until the end of the current billing period. After that, your account will be converted to a Free plan.

Is there a trial period available for the plans, and is it possible to request a refund?

We do not provide refunds as we offer a free plan that allows you to explore and experience our AI-powered stock picking and portfolio management features before deciding to subscribe to a premium plan. We encourage you to try out a plan with the monthly option first before committing to an annual plan.

How can I pay for an Amelia premium plan?

We accept major credit cards as a form of payment. Rest assured that all payments are securely processed by our trusted payment partner, Stripe.

Can I use this system to make long-range predictions?

Amelia exclusively offers intraday stock investment information. While it is true that there are instances where the recommended tickers for a given day continue to experience growth in the subsequent days, it is important to note that our suggestion is to sell once your target is achieved. Nevertheless, the ultimate decision regarding selling or holding the investment lies in your hands.

How is your AI different from algorithmic trading?

Algorithmic trading involves the use of computer programs to execute trades based on predefined instructions or algorithms. The goal of algo trading is to eliminate human intuition and instinct by strictly adhering to the algorithm’s rules. At the moment, we provide you with stocks that have potential growth for the current day, but it is your responsibility to execute the trades through your own broker.

Is AI similar to predicting the future?

No, it is not. Machine learning utilizes historical data and inputs provided to learn patterns and identify stocks that have the potential to perform well under certain circumstances. It makes predictions based on these extrapolations, which often prove to be accurate.